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greatest diet tip 1

This is what I used to look like before using the greatest diet tip

after greatest diet tip

this is what I looked like two weeks after starting the greatest diet tip

When I was younger, I could eat what I wanted to, as much as I wanted to and I did not pick up any weight.

As I got older, this all changed, as I am sure is for many of you.

I have read almost all the diet books on the market and tried those ones that are possible to follow. My results, with some of them I lost weight and was happy with my body, but because they all contain either food that I don’t like or food that is hard to come by, I went back to my old habits.,,,,,,,

The result, picking up more weight than I lost!!!!!

Who can relate to this?

Well, I have found out a lot of things and compiled and used my own diet to get my body back into shape. You can go look at all-about-life-tips.com to see the diet which will change your life, no pills needed and actually it is not a diet. The pictures are real actual photos of me, and I really exist. (Not like some people giving you advice with a picture of some sexy model who they don’t even know) The only reason I cut off my head in these pictures was because I did not have make-up on.

If you have trouble understanding how to adjust this diet to your everyday life, please pop me an e-mail.